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La Grande Motte???????

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Very surprised to see it mentioned in an article about Thailand....

"Pattaya, le plus grand bordel à ciel ouvert du monde - panaché du 'strip' de Las Vegas, de Pigalle, et de La Grande Motte - supermarché du sexe où l'on trouve tout pour jouir." 

I'm clearly FAR too innocent for this French life.  

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Don't know about La Grande Motte but I recently read Atomised by Michel Houellebecq, and there is quite a lot in there about what happens on the nudist beaches in Cap D'Agde.

Apart from that, it's an excellent book. It changes the way you think about things.

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Yes, ... and I remember my embarrassment one day when we strayed too far down an innocent-looking beach and my very young daughter noticed the man we were walking behind had no trous on. "What's that man got hanging down?" she asked, a momentary betrayal of innocence.

'Yes' I found myself muttering, 'and I hope his knees crush it!'

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