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Direct flights to Languedoc - Rousillon ............

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I've been trying to find all the various routes.

So far I've found these :

From : To : Carrier :

Belfast City Toulouse Flybe

Birmingham Toulouse Flybe

Blackpool Girona Ryanair

Bournemouth Girona Ryanair

Bristol Toulouse Flybe

Brussels Girona Jetonly

Brussels Toulon Jetonly

Cardiff Toulouse BMIbaby

Charleroi Carcassonne Ryanair

Charleroi Girona Ryanair

Cologne Marseille Hapag LLoyd Express

Coventry Marseille Thomsonfly

Dublin Girona Ryanair

Dublin Toulouse Aer Lingus

East Midlands Airport Girona Ryanair

East Midlands Airport Toulouse BMIbaby

Eindhoven Girona Ryanair

Frankfurt (Hahn) Girona Ryanair

Frankfurt (Hahn) Montpellier Ryanair

Glasgow Prestwick Girona Ryanair

Guernsey Toulouse Flybe

Jersey Toulouse Flybe

Kent International Airport Girona EUjet

Kent International Airport Toulouse EUjet

Liverpool Girona Ryanair

Liverpool Nimes Ryanair

London Gatwick Marseille BA

London Gatwick Marseille Easyjet

London Gatwick Montpellier BA

London Gatwick Toulouse BA

London Gatwick Toulouse Easyjet

London Luton Girona Ryanair

London Luton Nimes Ryanair

London Stansted Carcassonne Ryanair

London Stansted Girona Ryanair

London Stansted Montpellier Ryanair

London Stansted Nimes Ryanair

London Stansted Perpignan Ryanair

London Stansted Rodez Ryanair

London Stansted St Etienne Ryanair

Niederhein-Dusseldorf Girona Ryanair

Paris (Beauvais) Girona Ryanair

Paris Orly Marseille Easyjet

Paris Orly Marseille Air France

Rotterdam Girona Basiqair

Southampton Toulouse Flybe

Stockholm Skavska Girona Ryanair

I will try and keep them updated at :



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Hegs - agree with KLM ex amsterdam we use that a lot - if you book at the right time fares are pretty cheap - e.g 49  GBP (+tax) return from a UK airport changing at Amsterdam.

Was dissapointed this month to see that they are using a smaller aircraft (Fokker 70 vs Fokker 100) - wondered if that heralded some further changes by Air France now that they own KLM


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Are you sure it wasn't just the days you travelling? I think I've always been in (I think) Fokker 90s over the last 18 months, last time was a month ago so. Maybe that is my memory, but I tend to fly at weekends. I'm no plane buff, but boy are those things L O U D.

The flights have been jammed to the doors every time in any case which is a good sign.


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[quote]You are a star, this is great. One I find useful, particularly for northern Europe is: Amsterdam Toulouse KLM[/quote]


I missed that one !

I'll add it to the page at http://www.the-languedoc-page.com/languedoc-tourism-air.htm


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