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Closure of Nimes airport ?

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A worrying mail I received today :

You may have heard that the airport Garons of Nimes is threaten to be closed from the end of this month of January.

Like me, I think you will be angry to hear this news.

On behalf of all BritsNimes memebers, other English speaking people of the region which regularly use the airport, I am taking action to prevent this happening.

I am preparing a letter which will be delivered to the CCI, maire of

Nimes and the Agglomeration of Nimes offices tomorrow. This same letter will also be given to the Midi Libre, Radio France Bleue et France 3. The letter will state our feelings about this proposed closure and state the benfits which the Gard would lose as a result.

I am in contact with the directorice of the Airport itself, who has

indicated that the employees have threaten to strike from Monday

morning the 24th of January.

It's a real shame as today Wednesday at 1pm at the Place de la

Maison-Carrée, 50 free ryanair tickets are to be given to the public

to celebrate the 600,000th passenger since they started coming to

Nimes in June 2000. By the way to get one you must be wearing Blue & Yellow, the Ryanair colours!!

Please feel free to share you support for my actions by email contact@britsnimes.com .


Robin Boxall

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[quote]This is extremely worrying as this airport is so convenient for our visitors. Do we have any definitive news on this, where was the original story posted and what has been the reaction of Ryanair.[/quote]

What's wrong with Montpellier, is it worth worrying, 30 minutes drive is all it takes between Nimes and Montpellier.

I suspect Ryannair may have cancelled Nimes as a destination in any event as they have regular daily flights from Stansted and Frankfurt to Montpellier and duplicating facilities and staff in both airports may not make financial sense in the long term.


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Ryanair have invested a lot of marketing costs in developing Nimes.

They are quoting these flights for this summer Nimes-Stansted, Nimes-Liverpool, Nimes-Luton. Today they have been saying they have plans for starting Nimes-Prestwick for autumn 2005.

The problem is :

Ryanair have negotiated a very cheap deal on landing rights

AF has stopped Nimes flights

Air Lib has gone bust

And Marseille are developing a terminal for EU only (i.e. no customs) low cost flights.


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Hubby uses Nimes airport every 2 weeks, it,s only 25 mins from us, so easy. The staff are lovely, we,re on really friendly terms with them, I would hate to see it closed. I don,t like Montpellier and it,s more like a good 50 mins , even an hour from Nimes.

We,ve got flights booked up to end of March with Ryanair from Nimes, hadn,t heard anything about this untill Peter mentioned it.


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I'm a regular commuter from Nimes, so was a bit worried about this, but my husband thinks this is a January ritual, threatening to close is part of  budget negotiations. But who knows, with all the restructuring of the state and Freches in charge maybe this year will be different. Nimes is my favorite airport in the world, as it's so small and friendly, but I cannot imagine how it possibly makes a profit or even break even,

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Update from Robin Boxall :

Yes in fact it appears that things are moving positively towards a


It appears that at the meeting this morning, it was decided to set up a consortium of the different areas which benefit from the airport, who then will try to collect the money required to keep the airport open & Ryanair paid up.

So the strike is now off, the employees are happy that the different

authorities are starting to talk and find a solution.

I would like to thank you all very much for you help. Our actions of

delivering our letter to the Mairies, and others involved did make an

impact, waking them up to the problem.

In fact the letter is to be printed in the Midi Libre Sunday or Monday

(not sure which edition), so keep a look out.

Of course, It is too early to say that it is completely saved until the

new consortium have publicly stated that they have come up with the required finance.

Please forward this first piece of news to all you have contacted these

past two days.


Robin Boxall

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Just an update :

The publicity has resulted in more interested parties getting involved in the discussions.

The bottom line, of course, is money.

The situation is summarised in this letter from M le Maire of Nimes to BritsNimes :



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