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Mountain pass opening times

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A question for all you mountain dwellers.

We are looking to visit the French/Italian & Swiss alps at the end of May/begining of June.

What chance is there of many of the passes being open by then ?

I am keeping an eye on :- http://www.bison-fute.equipement.gouv.fr/givre3/listeflashs.do?noZone=5&noZone2=6&noZoneBis=7&noZoneBis2=4&type=2&langue=FR&typeFlash=1&pageAstec=internet/ie2_quartse.html

and also http://www.alpineroads.com for info.

Thanks in anticipation.

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I`ve just come back a couple of weeks ago from the Chamonix area. I crossed over from Switzerland no problem via Forclaz, however there was one pass in the canton of Vaud that we couldn`t use as it was still shut. I would have thought that most would be open by now. We are going out again this week so I`ll let you know if we gave any problems.


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Have returned from our trip to the Alps.

Whilst the Simplon Pass is open, the Italian border crossing on that road is shut until 25 June from 10am to 3pm every day for roadworks. As we arrived at 10:30 we turned around and replotted another route.

Managed 15 passes in 4 days (some duplicated), absolutely brilliant fun and superb weather. Not many cars about but loads of motorbikes.


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