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Looking for a house-sit - April or June!

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Hi - we live in North Charente but like to do an annual house-sit in other regions of France - just for a week or two.

If you want your animals looked after in the comfort of their own home, plants watered and grass cut in either April or June next year contact us. As part of our micro entreprise we are registered for this kind of work but look on it as a holiday/favour (ie no charge at all) and we are used to looking after cows, horses, dogs, cats and hens. We'd prefer to be within an hour of the coast - any coast, but preferably South or South West!!

pm me iif you are interested, or we could even sort out an exchange. References can be provided.

Hope this doesn't get pulled - it's asking a favour/offering help NOT looking for paid employment (have got enough of that!!).
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