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I have just heard from a contact in France that there was  a snowfall for the first time (apparently) in 50 years to the west of Narbonne. Has anybody any further info? Has it all cleared at this stage? What areas were affected?
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Yes, there was about 6" one Saturday at end Jan, but rain next day cleared it. Then just for a change we had our second flood since we arrived in Oct. However this winter has been strange, not just in France, but also in England - so cannot make any pattern out of it. They have certainly had snow in the Narbonne region before, a French woman I sat next to on the trip over at Christmas spoke about making snowmen - but there wasn't really enough snow for that she said. So I guess it is unusual but not unknown - a bit like snow in London I suspect - rare, but not unknown.

All the locals say the current weather is atypical - but how much credence you put on that, well, I think I'll wait to see what a few more winters bring .....
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