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I have seen the same on my CA website, and I did look into it a bit last year, but not to the extent of actually wanting to use it.

I use Paypal occasionally, and find it highly irritating that CA charges a fee me every single time [:@].

Talking about CA, I have been using their iPad app the last few weeks, and am finding it extremely handy. It does eveything the CA website does and much, much more.

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Kwixo is supposed to be free for most transactions though isn't it?  I see that you do  have to pay for the rather useful one where you pay up only after receiving and inspecting the item, but not for a straightforward payment or money transfer.

That is why I am suspicious. I can't see where they make their money.

You iPad app makes me jealous, but not enough to go out and buy an iPad [:P]

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