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Living in Menerbes!

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Bonjour, tout le monde!

We are a fairly young couple who have been living and working in a place called Menerbes (Luberon) for a while now.  We have been living/ working  in various regions of France for several years now but are relatively new to this area and whilst we love the relaxed (and often very complicated) Provencal way of life, we are wondering what people do around here once they have done the normal tourist stuff (old villages, markets, walks, etc)???

We are drinking lots of wine - but it's just not enough! 


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Hello C&S - I am not too far from you.  I live in Bedoin, at the foot of Mt. Ventoux.  There are a couple of others on this forum that are not too too far from you also.  The ones I know (on this forum) have busy jobs, so idle time is most likely the least of their problems.

For me, I have to keep up with all my daughter's activities, danse, piano, school, sleep-overs, etc.  This week I am signing up for a weekly class, so that will get me out.  Winter is my least enjoyable season here.  Most everything shuts down for the winter months and it can be quite dull.  I love to walk, so, with the warm winter we are having, I do try to do that each afternoon.  I avoid the hikes along the foothills of the Ventoux at this time of year as I am alone and don't wish to be shot by a hunter.  I visit friends in neighboring villages, etc.

In winter, I end up spending far too much time on the computer.

Spring and Summer brings huge lots of activities, so never much time for getting bored.  I'm looking forward to the end of winter. 


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