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Looking to buy a property near Aix-en-Provence

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Hello, we're thinking of moving (from Bristol, UK) to somewhere near Aix-en-Provence.  We'd be looking to buy a house within a 15 km radius of Aix-en-Provence.  We'd want a 4+ bedroom place with at least 1000 sq m of land, but would prefer an older property, run down, for us to renovate into what we want.  Please does anyone have any thoughts on roughly what this would cost and is there much variation in price between this area of Provence and other areas, or even across the South of France?  Would love to hear from anyone who has done similar... (email me privately if preferred).


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I can't be specific sine I am not near Aix, althhough I regularly visit on business.

But the simple answer is - lots.

When we were looking we quickly discounted Aix as well out of our price range.  If the relationship between prices in the Ardeche and Aix are the same now as then, then you could easily be looking in excess of 650.000€.


You are within easy commuting of both Aix itself and Marseilles.  You are probably in the most popular region of France = most expensive, although not quite so close to the real hot spots as some.


I would suggest you try doing a search on yahoo.fr using immobilier and Aix-en-Provence as the search criteria.

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Think in terms of Euro 500,000+ . I doubt you'll find many bargains within 15km of Aix. It is a favoured area because it has good facilities and employment.

Prices in the South tend to be cheaper as you move west. Cote d'Azur is more expensive than Provence is more expensive than Languedoc.

There are hot spots : Cap Ferrat, Luberon, Montpellier, Collioure, etc.

In general prices are higher :

close to the coast

close to commuter towns

close to tgv stations/autoroutes/airports with low cost flights

close to schools, hospitals, etc.

close to employment

There are still bargains to be had in the Cevennes, Aude and Gard.


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We bought a ruin in the Luberon in 2003 and spent 18 months refurbing. Take a look at our site www.maspomona.com at the bookings page, there is a dissolve there from old to new.

There are so few ruins/bargains left now but I would think that you will find somewhere for around 300K euros. The hardest part is finding them and that really means spending a lot of time. We spent some 4 months looking for the right place and saw some 70 properties or so. A less ruinous route might be to look for land and new build, it is a LOT  more cost effective and with the right people you can make it look ancient.

Good luck


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