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Ryanair - Bournemouth to Languedoc

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[quote user="RumziGal"]

Sigh, Montpellier really is a no-man's land, isn't it?    NOBODY wants to go there! 

Guess I'm still stuck with Luton and the M1-M25-M3.   It's quite relaxing once you're used to it.  [;-)] 


Since you mention the M3, presumably your UK base (or frequent destination) is Hampshire or thereabouts.

Were you aware of Flybe's Southampton and Exeter routes to Avignon?

They can be pricey, but this year they're running the flights right the way through till end-Oct.

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Latest Languedoc summer 2007 routes :

To   From Airline
Avignon - Edinburgh Jet2
Avignon - Exeter Flybe
Avignon - Southampton Flybe
Barcelona - Aberdeen Flyglobespan
Barcelona - Amsterdam Air Berlin
Barcelona - Amsterdam Clickair
Barcelona - Amsterdam Transavia
Barcelona - Amsterdam Vueling
Barcelona - Austrian cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Baku Air Baltic
Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse Easyjet
Barcelona - Belfast Jet2
Barcelona - Berlin Clickair
Barcelona - Berlin Easyjet
Barcelona - Birmingham BMI baby
Barcelona - Bologna MyAir
Barcelona - Bratislava SkyEurope
Barcelona - Bristol Easyjet
Barcelona - Brussels Virgin Express
Barcelona - Brussels Vueling
Barcelona - Bucharest Blue Air
Barcelona - Bucharest Clickair
Barcelona - Bucharest Wizzair
Barcelona - Budapest Clickair
Barcelona - Budapest-Ferihegy SkyEurope
Barcelona - Cardiff Thomsonfly
Barcelona - Casablanca Clickair
Barcelona - Cluj Napoca Blue Air
Barcelona - Cologne Jetairfly
Barcelona - Cologne-Bonn Germanwings
Barcelona - Copenhagen Sterling
Barcelona - Cork Aer Lingus
Barcelona - Coventry Thomsonfly
Barcelona - Cracovie SkyEurope
Barcelona - Dortmund Easyjet
Barcelona - Dublin Aer Lingus
Barcelona - Dublin Clickair
Barcelona - Dubrovnik Clickair
Barcelona - Dusseldorf Jetairfly
Barcelona - Dusseldorf Weeze Ryanair
Barcelona - Edinburgh Flyglobespan
Barcelona - Frankfurt Clickair
Barcelona - Gatwick Easyjet
Barcelona - Geneva Clickair
Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet
Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet
Barcelona - German cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Glasgow Flyglobespan
Barcelona - Helsinki Air Baltic
Barcelona - Helsinki Air Berlin
Barcelona - Helsinki Blue1
Barcelona - Helsinki Clickair
Barcelona - Helsinki Estonian Air
Barcelona - Italian cities Meridiana
Barcelona - Italian cities Vueling
Barcelona - Jerez Clickair
Barcelona - Kaliningrad Air Baltic
Barcelona - Kiev Air Baltic
Barcelona - Kosice SkyEurope
Barcelona - La Coruna Clickair
Barcelona - Leeds Bradford Jet2
Barcelona - Lisbon Clickair
Barcelona - Liverpool Easyjet
Barcelona - Luton Easyjet
Barcelona - Malaga Clickair
Barcelona - Manchester Air Berlin
Barcelona - Manchester Jet2
Barcelona - Manchester Monarch
Barcelona - Marakesh Clickair
Barcelona - Marseille Clickair
Barcelona - Milan Air Berlin
Barcelona - Minsk Air Baltic
Barcelona - Moscow Air Baltic
Barcelona - Munich Clickair
Barcelona - Naples Clickair
Barcelona - Newcastle Easyjet
Barcelona - Odessa Air Baltic
Barcelona - Oporto Clickair
Barcelona - Oslo Sterling
Barcelona - Palermo Clickair
Barcelona - Paris Vueling
Barcelona - Paris Orly Easyjet
Barcelona - Pisa Clickair
Barcelona - Prague Clickair
Barcelona - Prague SkyEurope
Barcelona - Riga Air Baltic
Barcelona - Riga Estonian Air
Barcelona - Rome Clickair
Barcelona - Salzburg SkyEurope
Barcelona - Santiago de Compestela Clickair
Barcelona - Seville Clickair
Barcelona - Spanish cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Spanish cities Vueling
Barcelona - St Petersburg Air Baltic
Barcelona - Stansted Air Berlin
Barcelona - Stansted Easyjet
Barcelona - Stockholm Sterling
Barcelona - Stuttgart Germanwings
Barcelona - Swiss cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Tallinn Air Baltic
Barcelona - Tallinn Estonian Air
Barcelona - Tirgu Wizzair
Barcelona - Venice Clickair
Barcelona - Venice MyAir
Barcelona - Verona Clickair
Barcelona - Vienna Clickair
Barcelona - Vienna SkyEurope
Barcelona - Vigo Clickair
Barcelona - Vilnius Air Baltic
Barcelona - Warsaw Clickair
Barcelona - Zurich Clickair
Beziers * - ??? ???
Carcassonne - Charleroi Ryanair
Carcassonne - Dublin Ryanair
Carcassonne - Liverpool Ryanair
Carcassonne - Nottingham Ryanair
Carcassonne - Shannon Ryanair
Carcassonne - Stansted Ryanair
Girona - Aarhus Ryanair
Girona - Alghero Ryanair
Girona - Birmingham Thomsonfly
Girona - Blackpool Ryanair
Girona - Bologna Ryanair
Girona - Bournemouth Ryanair
Girona - Bremen Ryanair
Girona - Bristol Ryanair
Girona - Brussels Jetairfly
Girona - Budapest Wizzair
Girona - Cagliari Ryanair
Girona - Cardiff Thomsonfly
Girona - Charleroi Ryanair
Girona - Doncaster Ryanair
Girona - Dublin Ryanair
Girona - Durham Ryanair
Girona - Dusseldorf Ryanair
Girona - Eindhoven Ryanair
Girona - Faro Ryanair
Girona - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
Girona - Fuerteventura Ryanair
Girona - Gatwick Thomsonfly
Girona - Glasgow Thompsonfly
Girona - Gothenborg Ryanair
Girona - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair
Girona - Katowice Wizzair
Girona - Leipzig Ryanair
Girona - Liverpool Ryanair
Girona - Luton Ryanair
Girona - Luton Thomsonfly
Girona - Malmo Ryanair
Girona - Manchester Thomsonfly
Girona - Mastricht Ryanair
Girona - Milan Ryanair
Girona - Newcastle Ryanair
Girona - Newcastle Thomsonfly
Girona - Nottingham Ryanair
Girona - Oslo Ryanair
Girona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair
Girona - Pescari Ryanair
Girona - Pisa Ryanair
Girona - Porto Ryanair
Girona - Prestwick Ryanair
Girona - Rome Ryanair
Girona - Rotterdam Transavia
Girona - Shannon Ryanair
Girona - Stansted Ryanair
Girona - Stockholm Ryanair
Girona - Tenerife Ryanair
Girona - Trapani Ryanair
Girona - Venice Ryanair
Girona - Verona Ryanair
Lyon - Birmingham BA
Lyon - Bucharest Blue Air
Lyon - Dublin Aer Lingus
Lyon - Heathrow BA
Lyon - Madrid Easyjet
Lyon - Manchester BA
Lyon - Marakesh Atlas Blue
Lyon - Rome Easyjet
Lyon - Stansted Easyjet
Marseille - Barcelona Clickair
Marseille - Birmingham BMI baby
Marseille - Bournemouth Ryanair
Marseille - Bristol Easyjet
Marseille - Charleroi Ryanair
Marseille - Dublin Aer Lingus
Marseille - Dublin Ryanair
Marseille - Eindhoven Ryanair
Marseille - Fes Atlas Blue
Marseille - Gatwick BA
Marseille - Gatwick Easyjet
Marseille - Gothenborg Ryanair
Marseille - Hamburg Ryanair
Marseille - Madrid Ryanair
Marseille - Malmo Ryanair
Marseille - Marakesh Atlas Blue
Marseille - Milan MyAir
Marseille - Oslo Ryanair
Marseille - Oujda Atlas Blue
Marseille - Porto Ryanair
Marseille - Prestwick Ryanair
Marseille - Stansted Ryanair
Marseille - Venice MyAir
Montpellier - Casablanca Air Horizons
Montpellier - Copenhagen Sterling
Montpellier - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
Montpellier - Gatwick BA
Montpellier - Oslo Sterling
Montpellier - Stansted Ryanair
Nimes - Charleroi Ryanair
Nimes - Liverpool Ryanair
Nimes - Luton Ryanair
Nimes - Nottingham Ryanair
Perpignan - Manchester BMI baby
Perpignan - Southampton Flybe
Perpignan - Stansted Ryanair
Reus - Dublin Ryanair
Reus - Liverpool Ryanair
Reus - Luton Ryanair
Reus - Prestwick Ryanair
Reus - Stansted Ryanair
Rodez - Stansted Ryanair
Toulon - Bordeaux Fly Nordic
Toulon - Brest Jetairfly
Toulon - Brussels Jetairfly
Toulon - Brussels Virgin Express
Toulon - Rotterdam Transavia
Toulon - Stansted Ryanair
Toulon - Stockholm Fly Nordic
Toulouse - Belfast Jet2
Toulouse - Birmingham First Choice
Toulouse - Birmingham Flybe
Toulouse - Bristol Easyjet
Toulouse - Bristol First Choice
Toulouse - Dublin Aer Lingus
Toulouse - Gatwick BA
Toulouse - Gatwick Easyjet
Toulouse - Glasgow First Choice
Toulouse - Hamburg Germanwings
Toulouse - Leeds Bradford Jet2
Toulouse - Madrid Easyjet
Toulouse - Manchester First Choice
Toulouse - Manchester Jet2
Toulouse - Marakesh Atlas Blue
Toulouse - Paris Orly Easyjet
Toulouse - Stansted First Choice

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[quote user="RumziGal"]

Sadly, they don't start till May 25th, and my contracts ends on June 8th!   So I might manage my final trip home to France with FlyBe.

Montpellier really is NOT the place to be in winter, might as well be on the @*~*# moon!  [:)]


Rumzigal .........

The Saturday service doesn't start till 26/5, but the M,W, F service started 26/3.  Runs 13.40 ex Avignon (10.15 ex S'n).   18.10 on Sats (as you say) from end- May.

You're a bit cruel about Montpellier (but then, I don't live there).  Hated the place at first (ttraffic), but once we'd got the hang of it, we've come to quite like it.  Best to leave the car outside and take the tram though - civilised.   


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[quote user="Gardian"]You're a bit cruel about Montpellier (but then, I don't live there).  [/quote]

No, it's okay.   It feels like the French equivalent of living in Darwin, that's all.   Pleasant enough, but provincial and difficult to get anywhere from!

Peter's list of flights is very nice, but for someone to drop me off at Girona would mean them driving for 6 hours and paying about 40 euros motorway tolls. 

But as you say, the trams are pretty.  [:)]

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I live halfway Montpellier - Nimes.

In UK I need to get to Gatwick, Nottingham, Lancaster, Perth and Chipping Norton.

My local flights don't often seem to work out. Either the wrong days (East Midlands) or don't fly in winter (Gatwick). Seems silly, but I've often driven Luton/Gatwick/Nottingham/Luton.

So, I use Girona (Blackpool), Marseille (Gatwick & Prestwick).

BTW, for urgent business, you can do a day trip to London from Marseille. There are currently 3 BA flights per day and 1 Easyjet flight. However, the early BA flights are not cheap !


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