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We live in Pas de Calais and are considering purchasing an apartment in Amelie to rent out to Spa visitors.  Does anyone know if there is much call for these sort of properties to rent.  Any info would be appreciated.


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We live close to perpignan and visit Amelie occasionally for the mountain air and a bit of peace and quiet in the summer.  The spa is used 99 per cent by french visitors.  The summer visitors are mainly those who own their own properties as a second home.  I have not explored the rental side of the property market in that area but I have a friend who is brit and works as a freelance agent to the immobilieres in the region.  If you wish to follow this up I will forward his email address. 
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I bought a very small apartment in Amelie about 18 months ago - not to rent out, just as a bolthole whilst I get to know the area better and maybe commit to something bigger long-term.

Obviously I'm not there all the time but I've managed to visit most months so what follows is based on dipping in and out at different times of the year.

Amelie is not a town that dies out-of-season. Because people visit 'les thermes'   virtually all year round ( think it closes around Christmas/January) it does have an ongoing life. 

Les 'curistes' (the people receiving treatment at the spa) are all French I suspect, although you don't have to take the 21-day  treatment  - visitors can have day treatments too.

You might find this link useful  http://www.a-amelie.fr/Amelie/

The  spa has certainly led to a large number of apartment blocks around Amelie  to accomodate the people who come to take the cure and there are always a number of flats available to buy at relatively low prices. But if you were to focus on this market I'd guess there are some specifics to bear in mind - curistes are older and some have mobility problems (but that doesn't stop the tea-dances which are held most days!), budget is likely to be an issue,  as is proximity to Les Thermes.

If you were thinking of the tourist, more international,  market, obviously the season is much shorter - but Amelie is in a beautiful part of the world and there's access to a wide range of outdoor activities all around. It wouldn't be the first choice for anyone wanting a family holiday by the beach - but as a base to tour, walk, explore, cycle, climb, ski(?)  etc..it's great.    




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