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TGV: Perpignan to Figueras line

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a route map for the new TGV line which is currently being constructed between Perpignan and Figueras. Specifically I'm interested in the French section down to where it enters the tunel near Le Perthus.



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The tunnel enters The Alberes on the east side of a hamlet called Les Chartreuse which is near Le Boulou.    The twin tunnels are not two thirds complete.  From the Tunnels the route runs alongside the RN9 towards Perpignan. It crosses the motorway, the A9, and then arrives at a new station on the west side of Perpignan where a large goods yard is presently situated.  I hope this is of use.


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Does this mean that the new station is by the airport?  And do you know if there will be a new motorway exit, or will you still need to either go through the city or way past it to get off the motorway if you are coming from the south?

best regards

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The station will be adjacent to the existing terminal at Perpignan in the goods yard area.  This is not near the airport at Rivesaltes.   The existing motorway exit at Perpignan Sud will be only ten minutes from the station by car and will not involve going into the centre.   It is hoped that there will be enough parking at the new station as the present situation is a nightnmare for both access and parking.  If you have google earth you will see the station and the goods yard just below on a north south alignment.
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Not so good news today.  Hot off the presses 'Le Independant'  the TGV between Barcelona has hit serious problems.  The Spanish government has suspended the building of the tunnels in Barcelona and Girona as unexpected geological stratum may cause subsidence and damage to buildings above the route.  One of those affected is the Sagrada Familia, Gaudis famous Cathedral still under construction.   This means that the earliest completion for the line in Spain has been declared as 2012.

It is suggested that, between 2009 and 2012, the TGV may run between Perpignan and Figueres and that the journey will continue to Barcelona by their Express Alvia. Meanwhile no decision has been made as to the route between Perpignan and Nimes for the connection to Paris.

The Mayor of Perpignan is not happy as he was not consulted prior to the Press Release

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I'm not sure that the delay is as long as L'Independent has suggested.

It was not originally expected to open until 2011.

This was the forecast in January 2007 :

2007 Lorry / Rail Ro-Ro service (Perpignan-Luxemburg) in service

2007 Figueres - Girona - Barcelona TGV line works continue

2008 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass surveying starts

2008 Public enquiry on Montpellier - Perpignan TGV line route

2009 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line bypass work starts

2009 Perpignan - Figueres TGV line in service

2011 Figueres - Girona - Barcelona TGV line in service

2012 Nimes - Montpellier TGV line rail bypass opens

2020 Montpellier - Perpignan dedicated TGV line in service


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Does anyone know where exactly the TGV station in Girona is going to be?

The other week when I flew out from Girona it looked as if the  new railway line was going to be very close to the airport and a previous time there was an exhibition in the airport which hinted that the new tgv station was going to be next to the airport.

Anyone got more info?


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