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Cheap flights for 2008

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I'm keeping an eye on the new routes, as they are announced.


Beziers-Bristol is confirmed. I hear whispers from several sources that other destinations (Manchester ?) could follow. Obviously more destinations spread the cost of marketing Beziers.


They have changed some of the original routes from Nimes. They have a timetable at [size=9][url]www.eurociel.net/telechargements/1014%20Eurociel%20Guide%20Horaires%20BD.pdf[/url][/size]

 and the site is now accepting bookings. I tested the one way prices and got (including fees/charges, etc) :

Nimes-Ibiza for 1 July = Euro 147

Nimes-Amsterdam for 4 April = Euro 130

The latest route announcement is :

April - October
























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I've updated the full list here : www.the-languedoc-page.com/tourism/languedoc-tourism-air.htm

There will be more announcements, I guess.

There are more carriers, and many more routes for 2008.

Flights from UK and Ireland are :

From To Carrier

Aberdeen - Barcelona Flyglobespan

Belfast - Barcelona Aer Lingus

Belfast - Barcelona Easyjet

Belfast - Reus Thompsonfly

Belfast - Barcelona Jet2

Belfast - Toulouse Jet2

Birmingham - Girona Ryanair

Birmingham - Barcelona BMI baby

Birmingham - Girona Thompsonfly

Birmingham - Marseille BMI baby

Birmingham - Marseille Ryanair

Birmingham - Reus Thompsonfly

Birmingham - Toulouse First Choice **

Blackpool - Girona Ryanair

Bournemouth - Girona Ryanair

Bournemouth - Marseille Ryanair

Bristol - Reus Thompsonfly

Bristol - Barcelona Easyjet

Bristol - Beziers Ryanair

Bristol - Girona Ryanair

Bristol - Marseille Easyjet

Bristol - Toulouse Easyjet

Bristol - Toulouse First Choice **

Cardiff - Girona Thompsonfly

Cardiff - Reus Thompsonfly

Cork - Carcassonne Ryanair

Cork - Barcelona Aer Lingus

Doncaster - Reus Thompsonfly

Doncaster - Girona Ryanair

Dublin - Barcelona Aer Lingus

Dublin - Barcelona Clickair

Dublin - Carcassonne Ryanair

Dublin - Girona Ryanair

Dublin - Marseille Aer Lingus

Dublin - Marseille Ryanair

Dublin - Reus Ryanair

Dublin - Rodez Ryanair

Dublin - Toulouse Aer Lingus

Durham - Reus Thompsonfly

Durham - Girona Ryanair

Edinburgh - Barcelona Clickair

Edinburgh - Marseille Ryanair

Edinburgh - Toulouse Jet2

Edinburgh - Avignon Jet2

Edinburgh - Barcelona Flyglobespan

Edinburgh - Barcelona Germanwings

Exeter - Avignon Flybe

Gatwick - Barcelona BA

Gatwick - Barcelona Easyjet

Gatwick - Girona Thompsonfly

Gatwick - Marseille BA

Gatwick - Marseille Easyjet

Gatwick - Montpellier Easyjet

Gatwick - Montpellier Easyjet

Gatwick - Reus Thompsonfly

Gatwick - Toulouse BA

Gatwick - Toulouse Easyjet

Glasgow - Barcelona Flyglobespan

Glasgow - Girona Thompsonfly

Glasgow - Reus Thompsonfly

Glasgow - Toulouse First Choice **

Leeds Bradford - Avignon Jet2

Leeds Bradford - Barcelona Jet2

Leeds Bradford - Reus Thompsonfly

Leeds Bradford - Toulouse Jet2

Liverpool - Reus Thompsonfly

Liverpool - Barcelona Easyjet

Liverpool - Carcassonne Ryanair

Liverpool - Girona Ryanair

Liverpool - Nimes Ryanair

Liverpool - Reus Ryanair

Luton - Barcelona Easyjet

Luton - Girona Ryanair

Luton - Girona Thompsonfly

Luton - Nimes Ryanair

Luton - Reus Ryanair

Luton - Reus Thompsonfly

Manchester - Girona Ryanair

Manchester - Marseille Ryanair

Manchester - Reus Thompsonfly

Manchester - Barcelona Air Berlin

Manchester - Barcelona Jet2

Manchester - Barcelona Monarch

Manchester - Girona Thompsonfly

Manchester - Perpignan BMI baby

Manchester - Toulouse First Choice **

Newcastle - Reus Thompsonfly

Newcastle - Barcelona Easyjet

Newcastle - Girona Ryanair

Newcastle - Girona Thompsonfly

Newquay - Girona Ryanair

Newquay - Reus Flybe

Nottingham - Barcelona Easyjet

Nottingham - Carcassonne Ryanair

Nottingham - Girona Ryanair

Nottingham - Nimes Ryanair

Nottingham - Reus Thompsonfly

Prestwick - Girona Ryanair

Prestwick - Girona Ryanair

Prestwick - Marseille Ryanair

Prestwick - Reus Ryanair

Shannon - Carcassonne Ryanair

Shannon - Girona Ryanair

Southampton - Avignon Flybe

Southampton - Perpignan Flybe

Stansted - Barcelona Air Berlin

Stansted - Barcelona Easyjet

Stansted - Carcassonne Ryanair

Stansted - Girona Ryanair

Stansted - Marseille Ryanair

Stansted - Montpellier Ryanair

Stansted - Perpignan Ryanair

Stansted - Reus Ryanair

Stansted - Reus Thompsonfly

Stansted - Rodez Ryanair

Stansted - Toulon Ryanair

Stansted - Toulouse First Choice **

** = Awaiting confirmation

As always, additions & corrections welcomed.

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