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Just returned from a long weekend in the Carcassonne area - very taken with Gruissan - thinking of selling up our holiday home in the Charente and heading south! However, would appreciate any info' from folk who already have homes in Gruissan. How busy does it get in July / August? What's it like off season? What sort of property would you get for 100 - 150 euros? Any comments gratefully received - thanks.  
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It's very attractive and "buzzy" in season

Tends to be highly priced and very busy.

I doubt you will get more than a holiday appartment for 150,000

A couple of years ago it was also quite trendy.

I live near enough to visit, which I believe to be the best plan, so you benefit in the low and mid season, but not be swamped by the crowds in the summer

I have sent you a pm with a couple of links

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