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A few pics of the tour passing through our village.




Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbmKmjQJc50

picture size edited by a mod...

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AH! I finally found the reply button, which had got lost due to the width of the photos.

So I can bump this up.

GREAT video, Richard. It shows it exactly how it was, the caravane publicitaire, the passage of the peloton, in a small, uncrowded village (beginning of the race for the day, hence not huge crowds).

So very atmospheric!

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We got a bit sizzled up yesterday (Friday).

Got settled about 18kms from the finish in Nimes. Had recce'd possible places beforehand, but of course, everybody else had had the same idea.  All the shady places taken (by the overnight campervans!), so Hobson's Choice.  No problem: had brought large parasol. But ......... very gusty wind, so parasol blew over even when 'down'.  Gradually fried.

'Caravan' very late: found out this morning that one of the big vehicles self-combusted shortly after the start, so they had to re-route the whole thing.

Peloton passed at one hell of a lick - I couldn't ride at that speed for 50m, let alone the last 50kms.

Once they'd passed, the Gendarmerie kept the road closed for 45 mins (unusually), so stuck in frustrated traffic before escaping.  Good day though.   

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Hi, any one got a video of etape 12 , GB version missed the first 50 km's Aimlessly? rattling on about the demise of Ricco and Saunier duval so we did not get the beginning of the stage. We were there in our village/Auberge and recorded the stage in GB , but could not watch F2.

All help appreciated,   

 Hello Chris,  We did'nt visit , as we thought you may have been busy.... full, suppose you  are in the caravan again....

I have been re-incarnated ................ not as a mole......



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Gardian, you were quite close to me. We were about 3km west of Sommieres on the D22 (D1 in Herault).

It was over quickly, but we got a close up of the action :



Maybe too close ?


The "caravan" was diverted, so we only saw a couple of the vehicles.

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