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We visited Frontignan plage on Wednesday and to our amazement, on a really hot day it was relatively quiet.  The other coastal resorts such as Vias plage, Cap D'Agde, Sete and Valras plage are all really busy this time of year and the traffic is terrible, but for some reason Frontignan plage was quiet.  It seemed like a nice beach, just wondering if there is any explanation for this?  Must say though, we went to a restaurant for something to eat and it was terrible, but that would not put us off the place!

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I had to look it up to see where it is.

Its a bit far East for me, Im not a beach fan, but when I do, its to Valras, which was very quiet lasttime, despite being a scorching hot weekend.

Valras plage strikes me as being a real tourist trap though, I dont know if Frontignan is like that too?



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