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We live in the Vendee but are having some two weeks in Beaucaire this June. During our holidays our dearest friend from the UK is flying in to Avignon Airport with Flybe. Is the airport easy to find please?

At the same time the flight arrival is 12.30pm does anyone please know of a good restaurant within striking distance of the airport for without a reservation on Sunday we may become stuck!


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Here's info on finding the airport, not difficult to access.


As for lunch, you might think about going into Avignon, as there'll be plenty of choice for lunch there. It might well be very busy at that time, but if you drive to the Palais des Papes car park, you should find space. It's directly off the ring road, so you don't need to get stuck in the old town. If you can put it in a satnav it would help, as the signs can mislead you a bit. We've managed to miss it once! It's a huge underground car park, and you come out directly into the Palais de Papes square; if you keep going up you'll be on the best floor - I hate the stairs!There are many restaurants down on Place de l'Horloge to choose from, and many of them will carry on serving lunch till later. We've had a couple of meals in the restaurant belonging to the big hotel just off the Palais square and that of l'Horloge - just can't think of the name!  [:(]

Anyway, they have a covered outdoor eating area right on the Place de l'Horloge corner and lots of space inside. Thousands of tourists eat there, including French, plus many locals. Service is quite quick once it gets under way. They do pretty decent roast lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and veg each Sunday (probably every day), and have lots of other choices. Plat du jour is about 12/14 euros. [:)]


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Dragonrouge ................

GG's directions are, I'm sure, easy to follow.  I'd have an alternative suggestion though re lunch, rather than get involved with the mellee of central Avignon.

Understand that this is an airfield rather than a big airport. Quiet as a mouse.  That inbound from Southampton is the only flight of the day!

Right adjacent to the airport (it's just off the mini roundabout when you exit the dual carriageway before you get to the airport parking - can't miss it) is the Hotel Paradou. It's a Best Western place - single storey, adequate accommodation hotel, but with a halfway decent restaurant. You can have a table round the pool & the food is more than OK. Not pricey. We've stayed & eaten there before + taken inbound friends there for lunch before heading for home. You shouldn't need to book, but just in case, 04 90 84 18 30.

A word of warning (but not bad news). Inbound flts are often early (up to 20mins) & it only takes 10 mins or so from landing for passengers to emerge with their baggage.   


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I'd go B/caire to St Remy and on to Cavaillon, pick up the A7 and go 1 stop north Avignon Sud exit. Follow signs for Avignon from the m/way and the airport is about 1.5kms, second r/about you come to it's at the airport. For a good lunch, and you'll need to book well ahead......a month maybe, try the Mas du Capoun in Molleges, it is excellent and on your way back to B/caire


bon ap

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