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House Prices in Sete / Montpellier

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I am considering selling my apartment in Sete and was wondering if anyone can advise on how the market has performed in this area over the past 4 years. Was also looking for a recommended agent to look after the sale. I purchased as a new build from Kaufmann & Broad around September 2006. The apartment is a 2 bed with terrace, garage and communal swimming pool.

My understandng is that the notaires and agents fees are paid by the buyer. Is this correct and are there any costs I need to consider as the seller.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. This forum is a wealth of information.


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Although there has been a fall in house prices in France overall, Sète and Montpellier have help up relatively well.

There is a steady influx of French from the North, as well as other Eurozone retirees, so demand has been not so heavily affected as in the more typical rural areas favoured by many British owners who are now returning.

In addition a two bedroom apartment with garage is likely to appeal to a  range of buyers.

I don't know if the regulations about the various reports you have to provide on the property are required in such a recent build.

I am sure Will's Judie could advise on that.

For an idea you could look here:


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Thanks for the info. Are the agents and notaires fees paid by the buyer. If so then is there any point in me searching for a notaire now or do I just go with the notaire of the eventual buyer.

Are there any other costs I need to allow for.

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I was told that the only costs we would have would be the tests (around 800euros).

We don't need to get these done until we have a buyer.

Our agent is advertising our house at the price which includes his fees.

He quoted us the actual amount we would receive on the sale of the house.

Best you get this clear from your agent at the outset.
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The buyer pays the Notaire. You don't need to have a separate one.

You don't say if it was a cash purchase or with the aid of a mortgage. In the latter case you may have to pay for the 'mainlevée'

If it is a second home there may also be CGT to pay on any added value in either France or the UK, but that depends on your tax position, and I am not an expert.

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