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Help! Where is this lake?

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I have a guest arrive who came to this region some years back and remembers a lake which had islands on it and you rent canoes. Along the shore (possibly) they was a house that the water of the lake went 'in to' which you could canoe along. Any ideas anyone?
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[quote user="Quillan"]It's OK I found it, Google maps are rather good. Whos that woman bathing topless in your garden Dog....... Oops sorry [:$][/quote]

Which one please be more specific?

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[quote user="Dog"]Where they Enid Blyton readers? If so ask the Famous Five.[/quote]

I am reading Swallows and Amazons every night to my son this school holiday.  There are lots of little islands and islets on John, Susan, Titty and Roger's lake....

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