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A9 reduced to 90 km/h at peak hours around Montpellier

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For those who may be using the A9 in the next few months, as previously warned, from 1st July the speed limit on the 10 km section of the A9 from Jct 29 (Montpellier-Est) to the St Jean de Vedas peage, already reduced to 110 Km/h, will be reduced further to 90 km/h at peak hours (7-9 am, 5-7 pm). The lower speed limits will be notified by new electronic signs and enforced by radar cameras, which will automatically adjust to the correct speed for the time of day. More details here:


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They did it at our local city in France a few years ago. What a pain it was. Good dual carriageways and everyone tootling. I don't mind tootling in built up areas, in villages and towns and near schools, but good dual carriage ways, no not for me.

Still they said that it reduced pollution and halved accidents.

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You would be lucky to be able to reach 90 on that stretch in July and August at peak times.

It can be a real bottleneck, and there are plans to build a second 'relief' section.

People forget that there are parts of the French motorway system which are a real headache.

Not all roads in France are 'empty'.

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