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Weekend in Paris!


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Hi - we have just booked my birthday present - a trip on the TGV to Paris from Poitiers the first weekend in November. Hooray!! Can anyone recommend places to go and things to see on the Saturday afternoon and a cheapish hotel please.

I think the Louvre and all the museums should be free that Sunday but it's also the bank holiday weekend - please don't give your new French friends gifts of carnations!! - so maybe Paris will be really busy.

Any suggestions please.

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Check out the posting on here called'call the shots'. We seem to have got into recommending Pairsian places on there, so my main suggestions are there too! Also, watch 'Call the shots' on tv on Monday 22nd. I've seen it before and it was very informative in telling you places to go. Also if you get a chance, check out the 'Pere Lachaise' cermetary, the one with Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf et al buried there. I'd never seen anything like it. You certainly don't get cemetaries like that in England. It wasn't even depressing, but strangly serene!
And deffo do the tourist things if you've never been before. They have to be done, esp. the Eiffel tower, Sacre Couer and the best gallery in Paris in mine and alot of others opinions, the Musee D'orsay. It has so many famous pieces of work you get over-whelmed, unlike the Louvre, which although well worth a visit, is more 16th and 17th century art, which though fantastic, does tend to blend into one after you've seen 100 of them! Get there early though as the queue stretches for miles. And the same goes for the eiffel tower if its a clear day. When we go, we make a point of going at 9 or 10am, and there are only a dozen people there then, so you get a good look round. And walk down the steps rather than the lift if you can. What an experience walking down the middle of the eiffel tower, we felt quite alone in Paris then. They also have very interesting dummies attached to the outside of the lifts that you can't see from the inside! Have a fantastic time and a lovely birthday!
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Pre French House we used to stay at "Hotel Manet" Rue Edouard Manet which is just north of the Place D'Italie. No restaurant but loads of good food locally. Have not visited for 5 years so am out of date on prices. Used mostly by French office workers / visitors during the week so weekend bookings should be fairly easy.


Anton Redman
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Dear Helen,

I will be in Paris Tomorow afternoon for 1 night staying at the Hotel de L'occean, web = http://www.hotel-occean-paris.com i'll post a quick message on my return to let you know how it was. we are paying EURO117.00 for a single, which i guess is very good. I never stayed there before, location is good in the 9th arr. between republique, montmartre and opera, and not too far from Gare du nord - according to the web site.

I think your choice would be suited to your arrival train station unless you enjoy a few metros with your luggage.

And just to show off a bit....i'm moving onto the Normandy Barriere hotel in Deauville from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday ah bliss!!!!am looking forward to great norman food!!!!!!

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>Hi - we have just booked
>my birthday present - a
>trip on the TGV to
>Paris from Poitiers the first
>weekend in November. Hooray!!

Well, we are all booked up to go on 1st November early morning and returning home the next evening. We've booked a hotel, (cheap as we don't plan to spend much time there) and hope to do the usual touristy things including visiting the catacombs BUT what are they called and where are they??

Also, Amelie mentioned a restaurant - La Couple. What road is it in Amelie?? We'll try to have lunch there when we get off the TGV.

>Thanks and regards..Helen

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