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A quick trip to Paris next week


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We're taking the straw out of our hair and cleaning off our wellies and taking a short trip to Paris next week. I've read the suggestions for places to visit in this section of the forum, which I didn't even know existed, and noted a few tips. But, and this is really sad, now that M&S have closed down is there anywhere else for English food? I'd love to be able to pick up a bit of Cheddar!

Also anywhere else of interest. Top of my list is Muse d'Orsay as it wasn't open last time we went (in the Dark Ages). We've seen all the major sites so what else is there that's a bit different. We like museums, science, gardens.

I hope someone is reading this, there don't seem to be too many Paris supporters.

Liz (29)
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I don't know about Cheddar but you could try the food hall in Bonne Marche. They have an English section but even if no cheddar I could spend hours just walking round looking at the wonderful cakes, cheeses etc.

In the d'Orsay don't miss the sculpture of a polar bear - it's in one of the sort of central aisles. I'm no art expert but for me it was so tactile and beautiful I wanted to take it home but a tonne or two of rock wouldn't fit in the suitcase.

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I gave my main tips in the 'Weekend in Paris' thread just below yours.
I wish more people supported Paris on here.
I will reccommend 'Dorling Kindersleys Paris' book. we get all our tips of places to go on there...and they may even tell you where to get English food....they cover pretty much everything!
Have a lovely time..I am sooooo jealous.
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Saw English cheeses in Cora supermarket where I visit as a promotion. Cannt suggest anywhere for English food in Paris. However, do if you have time visit area 19. It is a colourful, lively place. Foods from across the globe can be seen, bought and sampled. Fantastic eating out places to find too. Great atmosphere there and the mixture of the cultures is something to enjoy. Have a nice trip.
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