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french courses and low-prize accomodations in paris


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I am looking for intensive courses  in Paris.

I know there are many offered by travel- and language-organisations but these are too expensive -

so I want to plan it on my own. I have been searching for a long time (to find a course with acceptable fees relating to the accomodation)

and I did not found anything which made me happy.. i´ll also would be ok to go to a family ( i would offer my help in the household,etc) but the rates are too high for me as a student...

has someone been in this situation? someone who visited coursesand had a less expensive accomodation?

there is not much time to plan that all but i hope someone could give me any advise,as soon as possible!!

thank you for all your information

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Paris is incredibly expensive and if you are really on a budget you are better off looking elsewhere in France.  If it absolutely has to be Paris, and if you are a student and have a student card, then you could contact the Crous, (google them) and see if they have any accomodation available.   They organise the state owned halls of residence.  It is possible to stay in them during the summer months, I did so when I was a student, and they are clean and have kitchens.  Hope this helps.

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