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Nice towns and villages on north west side of Paris


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Hi, I'm new to the board, this is my first post, so please be gentle with me!

We are looking to move to Paris in the next 6 months so. I'm a country girl and don't want to live in the city or the centre of a town.

We are ideally looking for a house with a garden (preferably a garage as well), min 2 bedrooms, but the more the better within 30 mins drive of Conflans St Honorine.

Can anyone advise of some nice towns or villages in that area? Driving isn't a problem as we have a car, we also have a dog so somewhere with countryside for walks would be ideal. Our budget will be around 1500 - 2000 euros a month to rent.

I would love to live in a small French country town / village but not sure how possible that is so cloase to Paris.

Any help much appreciated, it is so hard when you don't know the area!

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You could do worse than start after breakfast at Giverny, see where Monet had his garden as soon as they open (get away before the coaches arrive) then drive through La Roche Guyon along the seine on D913 to Fontenay St Pere, at Évecquemont switch to D922 and brace yourself to get through Pontoise and out on the D4 to Auvers sur Oise to the Auberge Ravoux where Van Gogh died, just in time for lunch. Only about an hour and half if you don't get sidetracked.[:)]
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Its certainly easy to live in the country and commute to Paris, from all around Paris. I can comment directly on that area, as we live south of Paris in the Fontainebleau area. However, in Ile de France rental of houses in small villages is not abundant. I would suggest that you use seloger.com or pap.fr to see what is available first, rather than try to fix a village in mind. With this and a combination of google street map you can easily look around the area where the house is located, and check out local facilities. If you considered using the train, you could also perhaps widen your area. Public transport in and out of Paris in all directions is pretty good and Conflans St Honorine is well served.


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I like the vallée de chevreuse otherwise, I'd look at the 78, 95, 94, and 77 departments. If you need to commute to paris by car, the traffic is awful. The train is better but when it works and it can be quickly overcrowded.

About the rural side, I think 77 or 95 are quiet and relax. You should focus on the accommodations available and what require the landlords to rent. The closer you are to paris, the more, the market will be high and selective.

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