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Thanks Michelle & Pauline for replies to my dog query.
We are near retirement age and have decided to sell up and move to France as we don't fancy trying to cross the road in the S.E.England when we are in our dotage ( no, we are not in it yet!!)What we have seen of France it is peaceful,the weekend REALLY is the weekend,time for family and friends and we think we would settle well ,husband speaks a little French,I don't-yet!
One of our sons already lives in the Midi Pyrenees,but it is too hot in the summer,we like what we have read about the Suisse Normandy area and would like to know more and would welcome any information by people already living there about the area in general,availability of property,what we are likely to get for 200-250.000 euros (have looked at websites but not sure if they are always up to date)etc.We are coming over for a few days third week of April so if anyone has a B/B we would be interested,dogs are not coming over this time.Hope there is not a limit on words allowed, I think I have reached my quota !!!!
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My brother lives in Thury-Harcourt which is in the Suisse-Normande and we have often stayed with him over the past 12 years.

Yes, it is a very lovely area - the whole valley of the Orne which runs through Thury-Harcourt, Clecy, Pontd'Ouilly etc. We like Falaise which is the birthplace (I think) of William the Conqueror.

I don't know much about house-prices in the area though - probably the best thing would be to have a look around while you are there.

Nor can I recommend any B&B's, but I just did a search on Google and found this which looks super: http://www.frenchconnections.co.uk/accom/4463.aspx

(NB. I have nothing to do with this place and I have never stayed there so cannot "recommend it", but it looks nice in the pictures...)

Good Luck!
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