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Ryanair have axed Brest/Stansted in favour of keeping Dinard. Bad news for those of us up the "west end" as it is a good 3-4 hours round trip to Pleurtuit airport near Dinard. If it wasn't profitable why on earth did they keep it running every day all year instead of maybe once a week in winter and every three days in summer which would have made more sense as it was packed every time we went to meet family and friends there in the summer. This does however, leave it open for another airline to step in who havn't got such an urge to be the biggest carrier in the world and the ego that goes with it.
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I agree Val. My relatives used to fly glasgow~stansted then stansted~brest all with Ryanair. Now, I think it will be easier to fly glasgow~paris CDG, then TGV to Morlaix.

It is a real pity that there are now no cheap airlines flying out of Brest. Brest~Paris seems to cost the earth.
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