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Any garages sell righthand drives?

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We are based in the Manche area , are there any garages that sell right hand drives , we want to part x our french reg 1 year and half old car preferabley one that might sell 4x4 pick up types!

Any info would be appriciated!

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This might not be particularly helpful, but friends went to Belgium to a Ford dealership for a RHD Galaxy, which they imported into France. It was ordered specially for them, 2nd hand, and a good price. And they live in 01... way aways from Belgium ;)

I think the idea was, "in case they ever moved back to the UK," but so far (4 yrs later!) they haven't.

Incidentally, I drove my RHD for the whole time (5 yrs), I was in France, much to everyone's amazement.

*shrugs* !!

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