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Could anyone tell us what the cost of the annual chimney sweep should be please?

We have just had a visit from a "travelling" chimney sweep, who "passed by". He gave us what looks like a proper receipt (he said we needed this, as we knew, for insurance purposes). His charge was 70 euros. He used our screwdrivers (not sure what for), our rubbish sack, torch (!) and our dustpan and brush. No vacuum, just brushes.

We took the precaution of writing down his van number and we know his name and telephone number. Is 70 euros the right sort of price or were we diddled..........

Many thanks

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I was horrified by how much you were charged but I see that the first reply you received seemed to think it was about right. We 'only' pay 45euros for what seems to us to be a very thorough job; perhaps chimney sweeping is cheaper where we live in Calvados (14). Now you've got me wondering!
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I think you were diddled. As were we, I might add! A couple of years ago whilst at our house on holiday (before we lived here) a "passing" sweep knocked on the door and behaved in exactly the same way. Had to borrow dustpan and brush, rubbish sacks etc etc. As soon as they were inside I had my suspicions so watched them like a hawk. They gave us a "proper" receipt with the name of a "ramonage" company on it. However, we later realised that the receipt was for a company in somewhere in north Mayenne and their car plates were 44 (Loire Atlantique) Also seemed a long way from home as we're in central Manche. I don't think we paid as much as 70 euros, nearer 50 I think.

It did concern me a bit afterwards as you hear about people doing this sort of thing to to a "reccie" on your property and belongings. From that point of view I felt pretty safe. It was a holiday home and contained nothing worth pinching! I bet they were pretty disappointed too!!!

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