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Can anyone help me with this please. 

1. Can I claim a tax reduction for the installation of double glazing windows in a apartment.

2. Can I also claim for the payment of fees for a elderly dependant (mother-in-law) living in a retirement/nursing home. (This is to make up the shortfall between her pension and the monthly residential fee) .

If so, which form do I use and in which box do I enter the figures? Do I need to send any justification with my tax return?

I have tried to work out what goes where without success - just ending up with a spinning head!

I would be most grateful for any help with this.



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Hi, as no-one has answered both parts: 

The payment of Home fees for your mother can certainly be claimed, assuming she is here in France!

I have to go out now but will find the tax form box for you later - it is on the back of the blue form.

If your mother has been in France for more than 5 years then I imagine that you know she can claim APA to help pay the care (not board and lodging) costs of the Home.  You are probably getting this but if not I can point you to it! We have done this for my mother.

No idea about double glazing in a flat though.

I will post again later or tomorrow morning.

Mrs H.

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Many thanks for your reply - that would be most helpful if you could tell me which form/box I have to fill in.

My mother-in-law is French and has been in a retirement home for nearly 7 years now and does benefit from the APA payments . Unfortunately she suffers from Alzheimer's and requires more expensive care and with my wife being an only child the onus falls upon us. Now that her savings have been exhausted last year was the first time we had to contribute , so any help from the tax authorities from now on will be most welcome!

I am sure someone else will be able to help me with the double glazing query.


Alan H. 

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Looking at the back of the blue tax form the box needed is in Section 7.1.   It is box 7CD (for first person you support!!!). The boxes are called "Dépenses d'accueil dans un établissement pour personnes dépendantes".

Hope this helps.  We won't have anything to put on the 2012 form as the amount we have to contribute (willingly) is being assessed right now, so we have not yet looked at whether a justacative is required.

Mrs H

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