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Declaration of Winter fuel allowance


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Maybe a silly question but is the UK Winter fuel allowance declarable on the French tax forms and do you add it to pensions in 1AS? I assume you would pay tax on this along with premium bond prizes and OAP Christmas bonus...............................JR
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Thanks for that. Yes one should be frugal and not spend the £10 all at

once! The debate on the forum seems to be going on again about whether or not to

add Govt pensions to other pensions to insert into 1AS and 1BS and the Govt

pension again in 8TK. I thought this was made clear that you do last year. One

odd thing is that for the last two years they have sent to me only one 2042 K

form but two 2047 K forms, maybe they are running out of paper. I note they are

pushing folk to do the return on-line and to request that they cease sending

forms in the post. I always like to have the paper ones as a back up just in

case something prevents me doing it on-line like the modem being fried in a

thunder storm at the wrong moment as we have had several times

PS Still waiting for the big one with premium bonds only a few diddy ones so far!
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