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electricity prices(again) Electrican reqd Hesdin

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Some of you will remember our posting about our high standing charge (52.50 Euros per month) and we got some valuable information about how these are calculated (thank you all).It turns out that we have 3phase electrics in the house and we will need to get an electrician to calculate the total requirement change to single phase and fit a lower capacity fuse.We would then be able to advise edf of our new requriement and get a standing charge of around 17euros a month. Our good friend the mayor contacted an electrician to do the job, but unforunately he hasn't had time to arrange a "rendevous". I don't want to pester him because he has been really helpful to us, so if anyone knows of an electrician, preferably who might speak some English, could you let us know.
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I suggested EDF because a friend of mine has just done the reverse - he had three phase put in. EDF came (inside!) and put in the new meter( in a different position to the old one) and did the external wiring. My friend just had to reconnect to the circuit inside the house. This was in Ille-et-Vilaine.
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