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Does anyone have (or had) teenagers attending schools from the Aunay-sur-Oden and Le Beny-Bocage area (area 14) ? We are planning to move from rural Scotland to this area. But our 14 year old boy is very nervous about the prospect of being dropped in a French school with limited French language skills. And having read some of the education forum horror stories I can well sympathise with him. As we are keen not to mess up his schooling any info would be greatly received.
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We dropped our 13 year old boy straight into a french school last September. He could speak very basic french with a teacher from le jolie ronde, who was fantastic.

The first 3 weeks here were problamitical as he sat down, folded his arms and said I cant speak the language so Im not doing anything. But now 10 months on he has passed his exams to go up to the next class and spends half his time correcting our french!! He has made loads of friends and loves it. We would recommend finding a good French teacher in France and doing an hour a week on playground chat and not school work. Phil is now translating a harry potter book from french to english with his teacher and loving it!

We are not in your area but we are happy to help.
Tony and Louise
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Sorry for delay in relpying, but have only just had time to get back to LF forum, anyway, we live in a village close to Beny Bocage and our eldest, now 15 should have gone to that college, but our Immobilier at the time suggested Torigini as he knew there were other English kids at the college, and we will now have all 4 boys attending in Sept. We have also since found out that there are 3 other english kids at Beny Bocage so you will find help there too. We have nothing but praise for the schools that our kids have attended and although we were all nrevous to begin with they have all done very well and made lots of new friends, therefore so have we.
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