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I know this is a long shot but I am DESPARATE, a kitten appeared on our terrace a few days ago and adopted us. Its approx. 12 weeks old and very friendly. Our house is rented out for the next month and I do a lot of travelling so cant give it a permanent home. Its quite happy to live outside, but I relented and let it into the cellar. Can anyone please give it a home, maybe someone who has outdoor cats already because she (I think its a she) does like company, or even better she has no problem coming into the house and curling up on the sofa.
We are just outside Guingamp, halfway between St. Malo and Roscoff.
If you or someone you know is interested please leave me a message, by the way she is a beautifully marked black and white moggie.

Thanks in advance

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I'm sorry too,but I already have four cats(two of which were throwouts we took in) and just couldn't cope with any more. Have you asked the local Vet to help you find someone or the local cat refuge to take it.
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