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After the terrific storm we had here (Utah Beach) last night I am hoping you are all okay and survived the brunt of the storm. We had winds of over 70 mph blasting the house at 3 am this morning - scary enough to wake us all up and find us huddled in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate (Cadburys of course!) It was worse than any winter weather we have experienced in the 3 years we've lived here and although today is a little calmer there is a real autumn nip in the air. The swallows have left already, a good 3 weeks earlier than previous years - obviously they know more than we do, and our Rowan tree is already heavy with red berries. Think we have a bad winter on the way, just what we need after the terrible summer.
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Got to be honest, I was pretty scared lastnight. Hubby not here so was on my own. Funny enough though, as soon as my head hit the pillow i was asleep and didn't wake up until this morning, (thanks to the red wine). Only thing blown in the garden was the garden hammock, so no real damage done.
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