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[quote user="woolybanana"]Anybody know where to get reliable information about French assurance vies, svp. Any opinions about them also welcomed, svp.

Thanks chaps and -esses.[/quote]


      After reading the government site's info, look on the internet for companies.    Avoid all bank- run assurance vies - expensive and poor performers.     I swear by the online companies  (I deal with "fortuneo", "linxea" and "mes- placements"- there are others). Look at their websites.  

These generally charge no entry fees , no switch fees, and low management fees -the banks and conventional assurances charge up to 5% entry fees and have lots of other charges.   The online ones can be run by you ,online, getting valuations, making switches between funds, and making withdrawals all via the internet.    As there are no entry fees , you can use the € fund compartment as a savings account .   The ones I have named are run by some of the biggest "conventional" companies , like" generali " and "suravenir".

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Just waiting for the dreaded tax demand to come and then see if there is enough left after tax d'hab, tax fonce, rubbish tax ....... and the rest, to put away a little,

I notice that the fonctionnaires managing out local dechetterie are now up to six, and I suspect, rising. Really, money wasted of dolittle jobs for people paid a full salary for doing half time work.

Spoke to my neighbour who is a tax official the other day and tole him I reckoned he only worked 200 days a year. He was shocked and denied it, but I reckon I aint far out.

Mark you, in my last post I only taught one day a week!

Nice to hear from you Sweets; how are things at home? You ready for a bit of cooler weather, but it will mean no longer going commando of course which will be a shock.

Touch Bobo's tail, things are goin smooth here for the moment. Long may it continue.
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