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How do I get cheap booze on a Sunday at Le Havre ?

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As a total imcompetent - I come over to my house in Mortain at weekends sometimes and go bck on Sunday evenings. Saturday is usually a day of sorting the latest set of issues out and then collapsing into bed. Sunday comes and we have not ventured out to find a case or two of reasonable wine at a resonable price, and we then dash to Le Havre and the wine shop there is always closed.

Any ideas how we can get booze at Le Havre (or nearby)  on a Sunday ?

On a different note - anyone know a good place for seafood at 3pm on a Sunday there as well ?







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We live about 10 mins from Le Havre, I can't think of anywhere open on a sunday where you can buy cheap wine. All the supermarkets are closed on sundays (apart from a few times per year eg. Christmas). As for good seafood- suggest you pop into Honfleur before crossing the Seine! Joy

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