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So whats on between Xmas and the New Year near Mortain

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At Saint Michel-de-Montjoie on Saturday 29th December there are fireworks and a general jamboree Normandie style (i.e. mulled wine etc., for sale plus grillades and sausage frites).  It normally attracts quite a few people - so you may need to walk half a mile up the hill into the village (just telling you in case you can't walk that far).

Anyhow, usually the fireworks are very good and they're set to classical music too.  I am not sure what time it starts but if you get there early you can always go and have a drink or something to eat at one of the stands.  One year they opened up a village house as a mulled wine emporium - very effective as they were heating the wine in a cauldon over a fire in the enormous granite fireplace.  I don't know if they will be doing that this year though.

If anyone knows of anything else going on please post!



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