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I,ve just been offered a job in Rennes, for between 2 and 3 weeks! :end of March/beg avril

I would welcome any suggestions as to the best places to visit, bars, resto's, clubs[B] you catch my meaning. Although I will be working with 'un breton', it would be nice to know some 'english' views! French as well, of course.............[blink]


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Nice to see you back (if indeed you are CD!!).  I am looking forward to some heated debates from our ex-LF ethics champion!!

I would have thought you might have visited Rennes when you were in Normandy!  Henry and I went there for the day as it's only about an hour from our place in Saint Michel de Montjoie.  We liked it mainly because it was a buzzing University town and there were loads of exciting looking joints in which to eat and drink.  I expect you'll love it ('cept you will have to get used to the Northern weather again!).  I took loads of photographs of pretty bits of architecture when we were there.

(P.S. it  would be great to see you again if you are ever at a loose end - which I know is probably unlikely bearing in mind all those very bendy and/or lightweight women you are likely to encounter in Rennes!!!)[:-))]

Pix AKA Valerie

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Hi Valerie,

Nice to hear from you (and H) unfortunately, the only time I ever saw Rennes was when I passed it en route to other places[:(] Can only remember loads of car sales showrooms on the peripherique? Was in Auray in 2005, and that lovely little town I did like................lots of artists, and very bendy ones too[blink] I've done work for this company before (fresques/murals/ageing walls etc. Will knows the resto in Avignon. [B] anyway, they have two jobs for me over the next few months, Rennes and Lyon........... I need to make the same post for Lyon because never been there either[:(] Apparently in Rennes it is next to the 'ecole de beaux art'..............so lots of lighweight and bendy 'art students'. 'Lovely Jubbly 'to quote something from twinkles fav english TV programme, I'm not cwying now???????? Anyway, obviously, if I am in Rennes at the end of april, I will do my utmost to pop over to 'manche' to say hello and down a few[B]

chaio et bientot

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