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Just come back from our Holiday Cottage in 14/16 and we found that we have had a break in. All our windows have shutters apart from two small ones in the bathroom/toilet. They must have hit the window frame with great force as it pulled off the catches (?). But I don't think they entered, nothing was missing (or perhaps our stuff is so old fashioned they were not interested). Anybody had a similar experience? (We now have bolted the two doors from the outside and we wondered if perhaps it would be a good idea to put one light on a timer? Any advice?).
Chatelier 14/61
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It's possible that they will return after a period of time (a few days or a week) to see if the damage has been noticed... to see if owners or caretakers have seen it. If it appeared that the attempted break in had gone unnoticed then they may judge that they'd have plenty of time to go through the house at their leisure.

As far as future deterrents, is there anyone locally who could take a walk around the building every couple of days when you're away? Remove any signs that you are not there such as mail or pub at the same time. I think a light and a radio set to a talk station both on timers might be useful but if the windows are small (but vulnerable) why not put a couple of metal grilles on the house to protect them - available from Leroy-Merlin and similar shops.

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This makes sense Catalpa, and that's what they were probably up to.

I will ask my neighbour who visits his property every few days to have a look  out and tell him what you said

because he was surprised that nothing was stolen.

Thank you for your good advice regards the radio too. And the grills are a good idea.

 What worries me a bit is that we now closed all the shutters and it looks even more deserted.


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