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I've been able to find out about trains between Avranches and the ferry ports, but wondered if there was anything like National Express in Normandy which might pass through Avranches in a more direct way than the changes necessary by train.  St Malo is nearest to Avranches, but train connections to there are the worst.  I thought there might be more likely to be a bus service between St Malo and Avranches for tourists than for Cherbourg and Caen.


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Hi Jill

there is a fairly new bus service running here at the moment



There is also a good train connection from Cherbourg to Caen, which has a bus link out side the station at Caen to the ferry port at Ouistreham.

Cost for that is 3 euro (last time I used it)

I know what you mean about the train connections though.  I was looking at going from where we are to Le Havre so I could use LD lines as a foot passenger.

Only way I could do it was to go in to Paris and out again.  Would have taken about 8 hours.

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