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Help urgently needed with this problem. 

I have a house in Brittany that I visit a once a year in the summer. When I return to the UK I always turn the water off at the mains stopcock in the garden. In the last 12 months I have been there for 2 weeks last August. In March SAUR installed a new water meter in the garden. Today I received a water bill claiming I've used 710 euros worth of water in the last year! I have my garden tended monthly and the people who do that have twice checked in the last year that the water was turned off. I suspect there is some discrepancy between the old meter readsing and the new but I have no idea how to go about challenging the bill and my French isn't up to it. Where on earth can I get some help with this problem?

Any ideas are most welcome!

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Do the people who do your garden speak French?  Would they not help by writing and signing a statement to the effect that your water has been turned off? 

I assume you are certain that the bill is for water consumption and not something else (new connection  to a mains sewer etc?)  Who signed off when the old meter was removed and why was it changed?  Did you or anybody else keep any paperwork from when this was done, noting the old readings?

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