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This elevated region / hill looks out towards Mont St-Michel. It has become a war memorial and so has been quite extensively landscaped but i wondered if anybody had seen old / pre 1960's photographs (or earlier still) of the Huisnes hill site. I have a hunch there were once some standing stones or a prehistoric 'dolmen' on this hill and am looking for references to this, however slight.

Many thanks!



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[quote user="suein56"]This site is amazing for old postcards and photos of places, but allow plenty of time as it can become a tad addictive.



Thanks Sue,

I'm going to have a tough time of it tracking down a reference to these ancient stones but I am convinced they were once on that hill - possibly disappeared many, many decades ago like similar megalithic remains in Normandy and Brittany but nevertheles ...

Many thanks ;)


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