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Anyone out there????

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I've noticed that everytime I look on the area forum pages, this one is hardly used.

I'm presuming it's because not many of us have bought homes in this part of the country - is it true? Am I talking to myself or is there anyone else who fancies chatting on this site?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Trisha

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Hi Tricia

Remember me ? We bought a place in South Burgundy earlier this year and I commented on how cold it was in February. Pleased to say it has now improved somewhat and a couple of weeks ago it was in the 70's. It does appear that we are thin on the ground in this area but it probably means that we are very discerning buyers of french property.


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We recently moved to the Burgundy area, my wife and I both felt that life was too much in England and what France offered our baby was better. Since we have been here we are too suprised at the rarity of actually bumping into any Brits in the near by regions. It seems that the only Brit folk that come hear do so for holidays or canal excursions.
Is there any Brits out there close to us?? Thankgod I brought my video collection with us, dont know where we would be without my Steptoe and son or Only fools and horses videos!! We are in Southern Burgundy, Marcigny. Feel free to contact us if you are nearby. Email - SteptoeinFrance@aol.com


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