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Having decided (or so I thought !) to move to Poitou-Charente ,my husband saw the holiday programme last night ,featuring France-Comte and said "That looks nice ,maybe we should go there!"
Neither of us knows anything about the region so i am asking for your help .Can you enlighten us on climate,what grows there (agriculture ,garden and wild ),and what sort of size the towns/villages are (not figures ,just a feel for size ).Most important ,what are house prices like? Living France magazine seems to ignore this area completely so any estate agent's websites would be really useful .
Sorry to ask such a lot ,but I know how helpful people who contribute to this forum are so I'm sure someone can answer some of my queries .
Many thanks in advance for your replies
Best wishes ,
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My experience of FrancheComte is limited to the Jura, and I have visited there some 10 times in the past two years. Personally speaking, it is the hidden jewel of France. The air is clean, scenery spectacular, people kind and sincere and the food and wine are fabulous. At the moment, the speciality is frog's legs. They're in season. Another local favourite is crayfish. Winters are cold with a lot of sunshine and snow, and the summers can be extremely hot (80+). There is a lot of rain in the late autumn, early winter, but that is what makes it so green.

There are no really large cities, just large towns. As for the villages, it's the same all over France, some tiny some average, but all with a unique quality. Hope this is of use to you.
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