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We are a retired American couple thinking of moving to France. We really like the area around Dijon and Riems. Would anyone here mind telling me a bit about life in that region. How's the weather? The cost of living? Are there many English-speakers in that part of France? etc., etc.

I would like to hear from anyone with a one or two-bedroom furnished apartment that might be rentable during the winter 2003-2004 season. Thanks!

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We ahve a house 45 mins drive north of Dijon and love the area very much. We bought the house last summer and it was lovely then, went back for 5 weeks at Christmas and it was cold (down to minus 13 at night and minus 10 during the day), lots of snow in fact magical. We are infact going back tomorrow for 10 days so we will see it in yet another season. Where we have our house hardly any English is spoken, but speaking the language is part of intergrating with local life. If you wish you can e-mail me on Coraluke@aol.com with any queries you might have. I am not sure about Dijon itself, but there are English speakers dotted around the Cote D'Or but as far as I know not any groups where they meet up.
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