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Anyone in Strasbourg/Haguenau?

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I've been living in Haguenau in Alsace for the last 6 months and I've only met one other English person. Surely there must be more of us hidden somewhere?
I'm originally from Belfast and I'm working for an Irish company but from home, so I don't get to meet many new people. I also live with my French boyfriend, so although I adore it here, any English is greatly appreciated!!
Fingers crossed for someone to reply!

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There are lots of British people here, connected with the Council of Europe in some way. Many Americans, too, not to mention people from a whole array of countries who speak English. The Alsace English-Speaking Community (ESC) has a monthly coffee morning, language clubs and various acivities throughout the month. The Strasbourg English Speaking Union is the local branch of an organisation which offers dinners with guest speakers (often university professors or dignitairies) or visits which highlight some aspect of the history or culture of the region. There are several Irish pubs in Strasbourg - I've never been, but I gather that in most cities, Irish pubs are a good place to meet other English-speaking residents. Ask for contact information at The Bookworm (the English-language bookstore) 3 Rue de Paques (on a short, pedestrianised street to the south of Place des Halles). Hope this helps.
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