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How to reduce your French tax by 500€


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75% Of donations to charities such as Unicef is tax deductible up to 521€

Organismes d'aide aux personnes en difficulté

75 % des sommes versées

521 €

pour les revenus de 2012

Au-delà de cette somme, les dons versés ouvrent droit à une réduction

d'impôt de 66 % dans les limites de 20 % du revenu imposable.

I for one would rather give 521€ to those in difficulty than to the state although it does mean paying out the other 25% of the donation...about 170€.

Go on...give 50/60€ a month. It only costs you 15€ after you get the tax back.

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[quote user="Hereford"]Absolutely. Don't forget Restos du Coeur. Lots more customers this year we have found in our local town.  Give them money, get the tax relief and think about volunteering too. A brilliant way to improve your French as a bonus.



     Not just for charities in the usual sense, I get 66% refund for donations to "Contribuables Associés" a movement dedicated to fighting government waste of tax-payers' money.

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