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Has anyone had any dealings with doctors/hospitals in France? We are looking to move permanently to the Morvan area. We've had a holiday home there for the past 14 years but have never had use of the system. Unfortunately in January this year I suffered a major brain haemorrhage (Im still recovering), but this made us re-evaluate our life and realise that we are happier in France than the UK. I suppose I just need to be reassured that Ill be in safe hands there. We are now looking for a bigger property with a bit more land as our current home isnt big enough to accommodate all our English furniture and nic nacs

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Hi Trisha,
We've lived in a small hamlet near Corbigny (just outside the Morvan!) for about 18 months. All contacts I've made with a local doctor have been fine. Neighbours, obviously, have preferences re. doctors but so far, everyone seems happy with services received. Also have French neighbours/aquaintances who've had minor/major surgery carried out quickly and efficiently. Think there's less "homely bedside manner" in the hospitals but the work they do seems to have good reports. Tests are carried out very quickly and results come fast too. It all seems a bit daunting at first because the system is very different - but, all in all, medical services in the region seem to be fine. Suppose Nevers is a bit of a treck for hospitals/clinics etc. (Local transport is more or less nil!!!) but there's a building in Avallon devoted to various/all(not sure)specialists and also an emergency dept at the hospital. Can't comment on dentists as we've only just made our first appointments - I'm terrified as usual.
My major problem is the level of my French. We've managed officialdom and all the usual things OK. But talking to a doctor, even a really sympathetic guy like mine, can be very frustrating. I've come back from an appointment today knowing what to take, when and for how long. But I missed a good deal about the doctor's opinions about the types of drugs in general and their overall effects, usefulness etc. Guess this could be a real problem in a serious situation. Hopefully, your French is a lot better than mine.
Best of luck with the house hunt. It's a wonderful area to live in. As I said, my only regret is not being able to speak fluent French.
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We have found the health service extremely good here.
We are in the Cote D'Or but not far from the Morvan, beautiful area.
I had a stroke three years ago and personally I feel so much better over here. I feel I am improving, although I do have bad days, but they are getting fewer and I am recovering quicker, I think.

The doctor I use has taken it on herself to monitor me very closely and I see her every six weeks. I had a cholesterol test done last month and I had the results back the next day, through the post! Neither the doctor or the laboratory assistants speak English though, but we manage.

As I am on Incapacity Benefit I receive 100% relief with CPAM the health service here and just need to take out a Mutuelle for hospitalization, dental and glasses.

If you are on Incapacity Benefit the Inland Revenue will ask you to fill out a form and get it signed by the tax people in France as there is an agreement between France and England about double taxation. If you sign the form it will stop you being taxed in both countries. The only thing is France taxes once a year and you make your declaration for 2004 in Febrary 2005. As England do a rolling taxation when you fill out the French tax form next year and pay what is owed you then have to wait for them to inform England who will then make a refund.

We are fortunate we moved here permenantly in May after having the house for 2 yrs. We applied for and got our carte vitale very quickly within weeks although some people seem to wait for ever, just a matter or luck in where you live I think.
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