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Question: Top personal income tax rate


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Out of curiosity as a tax law student I have a question concerning the top tax rate in france.

According to OECD the top personal income tax rate in e.g. 2011 is 46,7%


I was wondering where the 1,7% extra on top of the 45% maximum tax rate in the year 2011 come from?

Does this have anything to do with the CGS and CRDS?

I tried to calculate with the CGS and CRDS rate of 8% from 98,25% of the gross income but get a tax rate of 48,37%.

Can anyone help me out with that?

Thanks a lot!


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Not sure why you say 'in eg 2011' - the rate was different in 2011.

And call me Miss Trusting but I'm not about to click an anonymous link by a first time anonymous poster, to view the 'source'.

But if perchance you are genuine, good luck with your studies.
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'Why would I post a link that has nothing to do with my question?

it's the oecd source I'm referring to... '

Because there are so many non-genuine people on the net that people are wary - on this forum we get people posting for the first time merely to further their own ends (whose posts are deleted.

The golden rule is do not open a link if you are not happy with how the link is presented. Someone posting for the first time would or should naturally be treated with caution.

As for French tax systems I am UK resident so do not have to worry about being taxed at 75% :)

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