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Moving to Metz this summer, info needed

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Hi, we live in Toulouse now but will be moving to live in Metz this

summer (July 2007).  Can anyone tell me where the nice places to

live are (husband will be based at the airbase in Montigny les Metz) or

indeed if anyone knows of a house to rent around this area I would love

to have any information.  I'd love to meet some fellow Brits who

live in Metz too so please get in touch.  Thanks in advance

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Not quite Metz but I live in Luxembourg (70 kms to the north).  I like Metz very much, a beautiful town with a great Christmas market.  I would not recommend north of Metz (towards Thionville) to live as it is quite industrial but elsewhere is nice and of course you have the Voges nearby which is also nice and quite cheap at the moment.  Please PM me if you want to know more and I'l try to help
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